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I’m a writer living in San Francisco. I’m the author of the e-bookYou Should Fall For Someone Who Doesn’t Love You” and I Swear I’ll Be Good At It!” My writing has also appeared on Huffington PostThought CatalogThe AdvocateThe Rumpusand others, generating over 1.5 million page views.

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I Swear I'll Be Good At It!
Tales of Unwanted Virginity

23 years old & still celibate against his will, Wes has run the numbers: it is officially more likely an asteroid will kill him before he ever ends up naked in someone else’s bed. What’s his problem, you ask? He couldn’t tell you. Wes likes bars, booze, and fun; he has a job, an apartment, & no major deformities… what more does a 20-something need to be a bit of a slut now and then!? In his quest to lose his virginity & join the legions of normal, sex-having adults, Wes gets everything but lucky. Run-ins with the police, compulsive liars, convicts, a sadistic bikini-waxer named Thelma, & one almost-orgy can all be found in the laugh-out-loud funny I Swear I’ll Be Good at It!

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You Should Fall For Someone Who Doesn't Love You

Essays on Longing, Loving, and Leaving

Originally published as a stand-alone essay on Thought Catalog, You Should Fall For Someone Who Doesn’t Love You explored the silver lining of unrequited love and ended up being read over 650,000 times online. Now, newly published as a collection of essays, You Should Fall For Someone Who Doesn’t Love You reflects on many more facets of love and relationships: everything from the lows of longing for someone who doesn’t want you back, to the highs of a relationship finally going right, to the serene place in between when you realize you’ve finally healed a broken heart. Filled with insight, wit, truth, and compassion, these essays will take you on a journey that mirrors love itself.

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